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Advanced Ceramic Technology
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Company Overview
Since 1983, Advanced Ceramic Technology has been dedicated to the manufacturing of ceramic material and the precision machining of industrial ceramic parts. What sets A.C.T. apart is its dedication to quality, craftmanship and professionalism. A.C.T. is a certified small business located in Orange, California and is compliant with AS9003A.
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Reasons to choose ceramic for your parts:

    *  Resistance to Wear & Corrosion
    *  High Tensile Strength
    *  Low Thermal Expansion
    *  High Thermal Resistance
     Dielectric Strength
    *  Electrical Resistance
Machinable ceramics most frequently utilized:

      aluminum oxide
      aluminum nitride
   silicon carbide
   silicon nitride

   boron nitride
   boron carbide
   macor ©

Dielectric Component
Nozzle Tips
Analytical Supports
Alignment Tubes
Microwave Sleeves
Microwave Loads

Machining Specialties

  - Counterbores & features on substrates
  - CNC jig grinding
  - Precision boring of long ceramic tubes
  - Ceramic laser tubes